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About Us

Hemp Oil Distro offers only the best wholesale CBD brands. We are a one-stop shop for CBD E-Liquid, wax, pills, tinctures, salves, lotions, gummies, and even CBD for dogs! All products sold contain less than .3% of THC are produced from industrial-grade hemp.

All of the CBD products we sell contain only the highest quality ingredients available. We lab test all of our products for purity, consistency, and safety. Our product’s test results are available upon request. Our staff is well-informed about the usage of products and what they are used for!

Hemp Oil Distro offers products that we manufacture and also in-store and wholesale products from other manufacturers.

Co-Packing Services Available!

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Honey CBD
If you want to sell and distribute our top quality CBD products as a wholesale partner, but don’t have the capability of stocking, packing, and shipping orders, we offer Co-Packing services to help you reach your market.
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